The original farm house of The Library is the oldest structure in Sapphire Valley. Built around 1864, it was part of a gold mining community and later on a working farm which produced fresh vegetables, meats and wholesome dairy products for the old Fairfield Inn. The Library was named after the lounge in the old Fairfield Inn and established as a private dining club in 1992. 

The Library closed in 2010 and was opened in 2016 as Library Kitchen + Bar  by Artist Marvin Gralnick and Award Winning Chef Johannes Klapdohr after undergoing an extensive restoration.

Nowadays, Library Kitchen + Bar has a new vibe. With our colorful art installations, bright and playful culinary treats and a craft cocktail bar, it’s easy to visit and hard to leave. Come enjoy our inclusive menu that features seasonal ingredients plated artistically while combining the wholesome flavors of Appalachia with Chef Johannes’ refined and multicultural culinary background.