All the food. all the time. 

You can order Library Kitchen + Bar to go, off our full menu.  Just call it in and let us know when you'll be picking up and we will have your food hot and ready for pick up. Plan head for family events, special occasions or relaxing nights in. You can be a #Librarian in your own home!



  • Venison Chili with Mushrooms and Dried Cherries      1 Quart: $35
  • Chicken and Dumplings with Garden Vegetables        1 Quart: $30
  • Lobster and Georgia Shrimp Bisque                             1 Quart:  $30
  • Pumpkin and Parsnip Cream Soup                               1 Quart:  $21
  • Cranberry Dressing                                                        1 pint or 12 oz squeeze bottle $8
  • Hazelnut Dressing                                                          1 pint or 12 oz squeeze bottle: $12 
  • The Library Cornbread                                                   1 Loaf:  $10