Ava Klapdohr, 2017.

Ava Klapdohr, 2017.


Nowadays... Library Kitchen + Bar has a new vibe to it since its 2016 complete renovation. With colorful art installations, bright and playful culinary treats and a craft cocktail bar, it's easy to visit and hard to leave. While we could talk on and on about LKB, we like to let our guests speak for us.


See what the guests are saying


"Whether it’s Brussels sprouts or a velvety cauliflower velouté, roasted pumpkins and hazelnuts, a lamb cassoulet, or braised oxtail, the individual flavors shine through and mingle beautifully. Between the visual surroundings and appetizing plates of food before you, the aromas, and the tastes, the Library offers an artistic feast for the senses."
- Melissa Reardon, WNC MAGAZINE
"Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly answering our questions about the various dishes they were preparing. We were amazed at how busy it got, especially being a Tuesday in January! Word is out - better make a reservation! We can't wait to go back."
- Melissa Jane Harvey
"The respectful renovations of this 19th C. farm house are a masterful blend of vintage materials, light and warmth, with a contemporary flair, that marries beautifully with the original. The colorful, fun art by one of the owners, Marvin Gralnick, adds interest and class. The food is outstanding, healthy and beautifully plated and also importantly (!), we were not disappointed with the wine list. Chef Johannes Klapdohr and his hostess wife, were most hospitable and helpful throughout the evening."
-Linda Stone
True foodie experience. A new menu this spring. Loved the Risotto and Chicken Cordon Blue was fab. This this 5 star farm to table cuisine, and the staff could not have been more enthusiastic and nice. Johannes is a chef extraordinaire !
-Thomas Homer
"Not only did I enjoy the unique food...the staff was so gracious and inviting! It is nice to be greeted with a smile and true genuine warmth. The owner and chef is a doll and coming from Pittsburgh we are very critical of our food and the people who make it. He is an artist! A creator of love through his food!"
- Francene Rocco
Everyone was so friendly and nice. We had an amazing evening so delicious and the staff was wonderful. The manager was so informative and nice we will definitely come back again!!!!!
-Janet Crawford
Exceptional food and service. The atmosphere and decor was light and airy. A totally enjoyable evening.
-Joseph Finnegan
Amazing food! Fun, upbeat atmosphere! New favorite Restaurant.
-Ivy Cooper